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Watching the Premiere of Season 3 of Hannah Montana

By November 2008, I was very much into Hannah Montana; I had been watching it on Disney Channel regularly for about a year and half already. The world was in the middle of the great Hannah Montana craze back then, and Disney Channel had been intensively promoting the new, third season of the show throughout October 2008 with a series of New in November promos using the song It's All Right Here (see also promo variation 2 and promo variation 3), which I remember very well.

By then, I did not watch TV as obsessively as I did in the past, and usually I didn't bother watching premieres of new episodes (I would just watch the rerun when it happened to air, and when it was convenient for me), but I guess that, because it was a season premiere instead of simply a new episode, and because Disney Channel had been promoting it so heavily, I actually pulled myself away from what I was doing (probably using the computer) and turned on our big-screen TV a little before 8 P.M. on Sunday, 2 November 2008 just to watch this.

The new episode itself, He Ain't a Hottie, He's My Brother, was pretty typical of the show. At the very end, in a wildly creative twist, all the events of the episode turn out to be Miley's dream. But what was interesting for me back then were two things: firstly, Hannah Montana's wardrobe had changed and the wig had gotten shorter; and, secondly, the opening sequence had been completely re-done, with entirely new graphics and using a new version of The Best of Both Worlds. Out of all the TV shows that I watched or had watched back then, Hannah Montana was, I think, the first one to completely change its opening sequence (rather than, for example, merely changing a few of the clips from the show but leaving everything else the same); this was not surprising, considering how huge the franchise had become by that point. They certainly managed to make the new opening sequence grander than the old one.

This was a pretty exciting event for me, and one which I remember quite fondly.

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