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E-mail: (primary), (alternative), (alternative)

PGP key (fingerprint: 26B0 3A18 CD2E A009 BA62 9A42 C4FF 6ED1 78F0 1EEF)

XMPP: (OMEMO fingerprints: E724091D B12D7FBD 4C1C8A2A EE80F516 D522BBF2 2E7F9714 603E41FD 99C28157 and 8E0A5E65 794C2752 4B154814 8BAE211F 5D6E98AB 5EB41DA4 1273EE66 E3A4C121)


IRC nickname: lolwut (Rizon, 711chan IRC, KolymaNET IRC, and KoshkaIRC)

If you haven't yet noticed the little button I put fourth from the left at the bottom of every page, I strongly support freedom of speech, including your right to freely say whatever you want to me. I welcome all sorts of feedback, comments, questions, suggestions, praise, complaints, love letters, hate mail, and death threats. Support freedom of speech

I am darkyoshi9001 on VidLii (the username is the same one I used on YouTube back in the late 2000s). I log in every day, but generally I don't spend much time on the site. I upload videos at irregular intervals. (I was also on ZippCast regularly before it shut down.)

I maintain an account on FriendProject so that I can experience what Myspace was like circa 2007, as I have never maintained a Myspace account. (Instead, I went to Facebook—what a mistake that was.)

I have a TypeRacer account, though I only play sporadically. scorecard for user lolwut9001

I do not maintain any other social networking accounts: I closed my Facebook account some years ago, my YouTube account in 2010, and I have never maintained a Twitter, Tumblr, or Reddit account. The accounts I have listed here are the only ones I operate.

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