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Desuroom Revival

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In February 2021 I assumed ownership of the Desuroom Revival, which is a Team Fortress 2 community server that runs the map Harbl Hotel 24/7. The server seeks to emulate as closely as possible the original Desuroom, including the low gravity, friendly fire, short respawn times, and, most importantly, the general atmosphere of unrestricted fun: there are no rules prohibiting any sort of player behavior or conduct, with the noble pastime of micspamming being not only allowed, but encouraged. Both the culture of the server and the map it runs should very much appeal to 4chan users—oldfags in particular—and I readily invite all of them to come and play.

The game server itself may be accessed at,, or the IP address In addition to the official Web site that I linked to in the previous paragraph, there is also an IRC channel, #desuroom at, and a Discord server (the latter of which was established and maintained by the previous owner, and which, seeing its value and not wanting it to go to waste, I agreed to manage) for the Desuroom Revival. If you find the game server to your liking, then I encourage you also to join the IRC channel and Discord, and participate in our community.

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